In early May 2012 I visited the ShabbyLiving workshop. I selected a dresser that Mr.

Bell said I would have in two weeks and paid a $250. deposit. My personal check was cashed the next day and now 17 weeks later I still don't have the dresser. I have made repeated attempts to contact Mr.

Bell, left numerous phone messages, and sent emails and got no response. I finally sent sent a certified letter from my husband's law office asking for my money back and still haven't heard from him. He did respond to one email I sent and said I would receive the dresser within the week.

I believe this business is a total scam and would encourage others to NOT order anything from him. I would also encourage reporting this business to the state attorney general consumer protection division and Better Business Bureau.

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It appears he now has another new name:

www dot furnituremakers dot com

Same address, same phone number as shabbyliving


You can also find Mr. Bell...aka "drakmare" on woodnet and other forums...Busily selling butcher block tops...Says he needs to keep his part-timer busy, even though he brags of having 600 furniture orders annually.


Please file charges, then contact Clint Willis, the prosecuting attorney for Allen County KY. Mr.

Bell is on a criminal diversion in KY. As soon as you file charges, then notify this attorney and he has the power to revoke Mr.Bell's diversion and put him in prison. Follow the link...gabrielfbell dot wordpress dot com. The actual copy of his felony convictions and the full diversion is posted there.

Please do this quickly, even if you are hopeful of getting your money back.

If the charges are just filed, and the appropriate contacts made this man can be stopped. It appears from the multitudes of complaints on-line, that he has gone from KY.

to MI. and just started the same game all over.

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